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Published on 16 August 2011



In conclusion, then, when buying a portable device, do some homework before making your purchase. There are some basic steps to follow. Technology changes very quickly, so the basic principles have to be employed. The actual CPU model and speed that you see today will be dwarfed in 6 months, so don’t fret over it. Buy today for your needs. Here is the fundamental list:

  1. First decide on the type of device that you will need: a desktop replacement laptop, a general use or multimedia laptop, a netbook, a tablet PC, or tablet device.
  2. Determine your budget.
  3. Establish your list of critical features and how you will be using the machine.
  4. Determine the type of Operating System you will need (typically based on the applications you will need to use).
  5. Go to a store with your list and ask to see and try a few models that conform to your list. Try them out and see how hot they run.
  6. Double-check the warranty and what it covers.
  7. Buy and enjoy your machine.  Don't let a store salesman sell you something you do not need.


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