Chances are that if you use a laptop outside of your office, you’ve been able to retrieve your email using your favourite email client, but then find yourself unable to reply or send new messages.  Lets examine the reasons for this so we can then implement the best solution for your situation.

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Email has become a widely means of communication, certainly indispensable in business.  It has evolved over the years and presently there are a number of email systems available.  To choose the right one and troubleshoot when problems arise, one needs a fundamental understanding of how they work.

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Most internet users are familiar with email etiquette nowadays, but it is always a good idea to refresh some of the ideas behind appropriate email communication, particularly in business environments. Here are some of the commonly accepted rules that have evolved over the years:

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Email today is a major medium of communication. After all, it provides message delivery within moments and allows electronic documents to be sent as simple attachments. However, issues have also arisen with this medium, such as privacy issues, spam, delivery, viruses, and accessibility. Below is a list of tips that form a kind of survival guide for all who use email.

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